Dear Beloved

Dear Beloved

Vagabond nights once led to lovemaking with the mystery, beloved,

yearning to last eternally, it fades that was once glittery beloved. 

Ghazals bloomed with the moon - the sipping of a forever ecstasy, 

In such dim-lit nights, you plucked me slowly from my history beloved. 

Your skin, heart, taste, and smell - the world remains 

in anxious waiting. my body has become a cemetery, beloved. 

Rulers steal images belonging to lovers, the Badshah 

Plays with peacocks.what to make of this adultery beloved. 

Students committing suicide, people are being jailed

without crimes. Shayars have surrendered to flattery beloved. 

“Ali” is lost to you and wanders in this desert filled with  

Mirages and serpents. wine is your intoxicating memory, beloved. 


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